Through APS, non-productive capital returns to the market.

We Bring Value

With our international team and extensive network throughout the region, we are experts in local markets and culture. This allows us to adapt to changes quickly and evaluate investments to bring our client’s the returns they expect.

We invest from funds advised by APS and funded by institutional investors and family offices. On a deal-by-deal basis we also co-invest alongside reputable institutional distressed debt investors.

We are also focused on the related real estate market, which brings additional options for well-placed investments in the region.

Our Performance

  • €8.1 billion NV* of acquired assets

    *Based on nominal value at acquisition

  • 14 years of servicing experience

  • >20% average realised IRR for APS investors

    *Based on track record from reached collection for portfolios with recovery history of three years and longer.

  • 82 acquired distressed debt portfolios in the region

Fund Management

Since we manage the entire life cycle of our client’s investment, we’re able to leverage our extensive knowledge of local markets to provide the best returns.

This includes origination and acquisition of the investment as well as the management phase (periodic reporting, performance management, cash flow management, and other aspects of our investor relationship).

We provide investment advisory to four investment funds, both non-regulated and regulated, and advise distressed debt dedicated institutional investors that co-invest with APS funds.

Real Estate

Based on our in-depth knowledge of local markets, we actively seek out profitable and safe investment opportunities in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe that are otherwise difficult to come by in the more saturated markets in order to achieve fair returns on balanced risk.

In addition to valuation, legal and technical advisory and other related services, we provide complete investment risk assessment and property management including servicing, consultation and client representation.